Wine Tour Tips For Tuscany

Wine tours are an excellent way to enjoy a day in Tuscany. While Tuscany’s geographic location makes it a naturally ideal location for Italian wine-tasting, it is home to many other types of wineries, as well.

Tuscany has a very varied geography, owing largely to its frequent coastline as one major island: Elba. The peninsula is also very hilly, with mountains and high hills on two sides, and a lush grassy green environment on the other.

The climate of Tuscany, as well as that of Italy in general, is the Mediterranean in nature with hot summers and cool winters. Because of this, the majority of its population is middle class. It is also a region with a relatively low cost of living, due to its abundant lands and low production costs.

In addition to the low cost of living, another contributing factor to Tuscany’s economic well-being is its tourism-oriented economy. The small town of Florence attracts many tourists to its beautiful towns and villages, which are where most Italian wine tour tips begin.

The most authentic wine tour Tuscany tips begin with a visit to one of the major cities, Florence. Florence is home to the most famous artist, Michelangelo, who produced some of the most beautiful paintings in the Renaissance.

As well, Florence is the home of the Duomo, or Medieval Court, where the Renaissance happened. Other tourist destinations include the town of Siena, where you can try some world-class pasta and wine. Another town worth seeing is the town of Lucca, where you can eat some traditional Roman meals.

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