Activate Your Bank of America’s Credit Card at

As is known to everyone, a credit card needs activation before a customer starts to enjoy the payment convenience. Bank of America offers secure and quick online credit card activation service to its customers. Card holders can do it online anytime and anywhere, without lining up before the bank counter or waiting in the phone call during busy time. Click in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to start your activation

Bank of America Credit Card Activation Guide

Bank of America’s credit card online activation page offers the safe and convenient way to activate your personal credit cards. You can activate your personal card in a quick and easy way as follows. There are steps to activate your Bank of America’s credit card:

  1. If you are already an Online Banking customer of Bank of America, signing in by using your Online Banking ID and Passcode. If you don’ t have an Online Banking ID, enter your credit card number, card security code into required boxes and select expiration date from the drop-down menus.
  2. Continue to complete the credit card activation process under instruction.

Because signing in using your Online Banking ID and Passcode will speed up the activation process, for anybody without Online Banking ID, he or she is recommended to enroll in Online Banking.

The whole activation process will take only 3-4 minutes, you can also enjoy the special financial products and features offers from Bank of America’s credit card online activation. If you still worry about the security, turn to the “” section.

Go to to activate your personal card to enjoy all the convenience and benefits.

Bank of America Credit Card Activation Reference Link

  1. The official site of Bank of America –
  2. E