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Are our Leads FRESH? - Leads are delivered immediately via email in the form of an Express Loan App. People who fill out our applications are borrowers who are actively searching for a mortgage loan.

Are leads resold? - Our leads are never resold or remarketed after they have been delivered to selected brokers. We only sell fresh leads.

ONLY 6 LENDERS PER STATE - (California has two areas/12 lenders) Since there are only ten lenders per state, listings sell quickly. Our listings display in random order each time the pages reload, giving each company time in the top position.

1 Borrower searches for a mortgage in a search engine.
2 Our sites appear high on the results page. The borrower clicks through to our site.
3 Borrower can then research companies, rates, fees, loan programs and more.
4 Borrower then proceeds with application.
5 Borrower selects which companies he/she wants to apply with.
6 Instantly, the application is emailed to selected companies.
7 Brokers receive the lead and begin working with the borrower.

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