Buy Gift Card at as a Present is a Good Choice

Have you ever have the experience of sending a gift but the recipient didn’t like it? Have  you ever been so engaged in your work that you forget to choose a gift for your beloved ones, and when you realize it, it is too late? Or you find it too hard to select a gift for them because people’s interests are various nowadays. Don’t worry about it, Sears gift card can solve all these problems for you.  Even you will send a gift one hour later, order now and Sears can deliver it to the recipient. And you know what? Gift card is said to be the most-wanted gift for woman, and the second most-wanted gift by men. If you want your gift to be liked, gift card is a good choice for you. Sears provides all kinds of gift cards for you, if you’re interested, visit (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the  official page) to find one for yourself.

How to Book Sears Gift Card

  1. Visit
  2. Notice  on the left part is blue chart “Gift Card Options”.
  3. Select one means of deliver from mails, emails and print.
  4. Enter the your and recipient’s email address.
  5. Select money amount.
  6. Choose to be set within an hour or on a fixed date.
  7. Then you may choose one card design from the right part of the page which displays all kinds of design of Sears gift card. You can choose”Occasions” on the top left chart.
  8. Tell them the names of buyer and recipient and leave a message and wish if you like.
  9. Click “Add to Cart” and make the payments.

Instructions of Sears Gift Cad

  • Each order at sears should not exceed 19 gift cards.
  • Shipping buy USPS is free and will arrive in 3-7 days.
  • Federal law prohibits the value of gift cards to exceed $2,000. Orders over this limit will be cancelled.
  • All gift cards have no expire date and can be redeemed online and in-store.
  • Gift card can be reload up to $500, and cannot used to purchase gift cards

If you already have a gift card, click on the “Check & Balance” link on the uppermost part of the webpage. Enter your gift card number and pin to check card.

Reference Links

  1. Sears Gift Card Official
  2. Sears Customer Service
  3. Sears Track My Order