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Travelers today are not as fortunate as they once were, since airlines become less generous than before. Travelers have to pay more for their luggage, but that’s not the whole story. Sometimes, travelers get delayed baggage, or worse, missing baggage. We certainly don’t wish that happen, but if that happens to you, as a customer of American Airlines, you can check status of your delayed baggage online.

American Airlines Check Status of Your Delayed Baggage Instructions
It is really inconvenient to get baggage delayed or missing, but at least you can use Baggage Status Lookup online:

  1. Visit  (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected the to target page)
  2. Enter your last name and file locator, then click on “View” button

The file locator number is on the printed receipt you received from the airport agent. If you don’t know your file locator, you can contactBaggage Customer Service (See Reference Link 1).

If you are unable to locate your checked bag: Notify the baggage service agent as quickly as possible prior to leaving the airport. Your notification must be made within 4 hours after the arrival of the flight on which the bag was checked. If you purchased the American Airlines baggage delivery service provided through BAGS VIP Luggage Delivery in advance of travel, notification must be made within 12 hours before the arrival of the flight on which you traveled.

Here are some tips for you if you have a delayed baggage:

  1. If you travel with more than one baggage, the arrival of one of the bags doesn’t mean the arrival of them all. So if it seems to you that no more bags are coming, don’t hesitate to rush to the claim counter to be the first in line.
  2. If you flew on two or more flights, you are suggested to go to the claim counter of  last airline you flew with, which is more likely responsible for solving your baggage issue.
  3. Ask the baggage claim representative to confirm in their system that your baggage is loaded on the next flight. If you have a tight schedule that cannot afford to wait in the airport, then refuse to stay and insist they send the bag on to you. If you decide to stay, ask them to give you a meal voucher or something like that so you can go to a restaurant instead of waiting hungrily. A meal is cheaper than the expense of delivering your bag to you, you may point it out.

Tell us what problems you once had dealing with your delayed baggage, or worse, missing baggage. Share your experience to help more people.

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