Design Coupon Templates with Microsoft Word

Coupons are becoming more and more prevalent nowadays. Not only are business owners making use of this simple but effective way to create incentives for their products, but families and individuals are encouraging others via it as well. You may know how to make coupons with scissors, but it can be more efficient with Microsoft Word.

Design Coupon Templates with Microsoft Word Instructions

Before you get started, you should make the necessary hardware and software prepared firstly: a functional computer, Microsoft Word and basic skill to operate them.

  1. Open Microsoft Word and click the “Draw Text Box” button in the “Insert” module, which enables you to draw a text box. You can customize the text box with the “Text Box Tools” tab.
  2. Input the main information of the coupon into the text box, as well as the additional information for the coupon. Format the text as you like to make it attractive.
  3. Click the “Clip Art” button in “Insert” tab. Type a relevant term into the “Search for” box.
  4. Hit “Go”, click a picture twice, drag it onto the coupon. You can choose to drag other related images onto the coupon. Save the file and name it.

After you create the coupon template, you can use it online for your promotional purpose. Or you can print it out, so you can give copies of it away to the ones you want to offer your coupons.

Begin now to make yourself special coupons with the help of Microsoft Word.