Design Your CenturyLink High-Speed Internet Homepage at

CenturyLink provides broadband, voice, wireless and managed services over an advanced communications network to consumers and businesses in 37 states. At CenturyLink portal, you can customize your homepage, preview all of your email accounts, use the Phone Book to find a business, find a person and view what’s on TV in the TV Listing tab and a lot more.

CenturyLink Customize My Homepage Instructions
At CenturyLink you can access email from your CenturyLink homepage, customize your  CenturyLink homepage, play free games, get the latest sports news, watch free videos and enjoy commercial-free, streaming radio. It’s simple to personalize your homepage:

  1. Go to  (click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit this site)
  2. Click the orange “Customize Page” button in the upper right corner of the homepage above Email Log in
  3. If you are already a CenturyLink user, log in with your account, if not, click Create Account and follow the instructions
  4. Find the content you are interested in from the dropdown display and click on a category of interest in the left column of the content window, and choose a content component
  5. To add the component to your homepage, click Add
  6. If you do not select a column, it will be placed in the column that best fits based on what is already presented on your homepage.

Reference Links

  1. CenturyLink Homepage –
  2. CenturyLink on Facebook –
  3. CenturyLink on Twitter –