Download DellConnect to Control Your PC for Troubleshooting at

If you encounter a intractable problem with Dell, you can seek help from Dell Customer Support. The DellConnect program at (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the target page) enables Dell Support representatives to control your computer for troubleshooting. Support representatives can analyze the configuration of your system, view and edit your files and registry, and view and comment on your screen to fix your problems.

DellConnect Download Step by Step Instructions

You should know these notes before your downloading: Once your session begins, your control of your mouse will always be overrode. You can disconnect the session by selecting “X” on the right top of the window at any time:

  1. Choose your nationality, language and your problem, and then press “Continue”
  2. Read the Terms & Conditions of DellConnect, including the Dell Software License Agreement and the Dell Privacy Policy. If you want to proceed, click “Yes, I agree”
  3. Enter the DellConnect Code given by your Dell Representative and Select “Submit”
  4. Begin your DellConnect Session.

After you begin the session, your PC will be controlled by a Dell Representative in the following aspects:

  • The representative will control your system for troubleshooting and make the necessary fixes in some degree
  • The representative can modify your system under your authorization
  • In certain cases, the representative can view, edit, and exchange file and registry information. Of course, it is up to you to choose whether you accept his/her actions or not
  • The representative can configure your system for troubleshooting, including settings, files, preference, and so on
  • You can view the whole process of the representative’s performance.

If you have any questions, go to discuss with your Dell Representative or contact Dell via phone, live chat, e-mail or Facebook. Furthermore, you can describe your problems in Dell Community, may other customers have already come up with a solution.

Reference Links

  1. DellConnect Download Page –
  2. Dell Privacy Statement