Enjoy One Account for All Things from Microsoft at microsoft.com/account

How often do you use Outlook, One Drive, Office, Skype, Xbox, Bing, MSN, or Stores by Microsoft? Do you have a Microsoft Account to manage all these stuff? Click microsoft.com/account in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to enjoy one account for all Microsoft services.

Microsoft Account Instructions

When you set up your Microsoft account, all your important documents, photos and other information will follow you wherever you log in. Your Microsoft account enables you to handle all your tasks freely on one platform–not only gives you access to Microsoft services, but also gathers your tasks together effectively. All you need is a few clicks.

How to Create a Microsoft Account

For those who have already got a Microsoft account, simply click “Sign in” at microsoft.com/account, and log in with your username and password. For new user who want to create a Microsoft account, the registration process is only simple and fast:

  1. Visit microsoft.com/account, and click “Create a free Microsoft account”
  2. Enter you personal information: first name, last name, user name, password, country/region, birthday, gender,country code and phone number, and then enter the characters you see in the box
  3. Go through the Microsoft Services Agreement, and privacy and cookies, then click “Create account”
  4. The registration process is accomplished

With a Microsoft account, your could now access all those Microsoft services more efficiently and conveniently.

Reference Links

  1. Microsoft Official Site – www.microsoft.com
  2. Microsoft Account Page – microsoft.com/account
  3. Microsoft Services Agreement