Enjoy Popular Movies and TV Streaming at www.netflix.com/xbox

Plan to activate your Xbox 360 with Netflix? Netflix can connect those more popular home entertainment digital devices to its online movie and TV streaming. Click www.netflix.com/xbox in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to enjoy more services.

Attention: Because Netflix is using clouding services to host its movie and TV streaming program, you may face certain specific Netflix TV connection problem, We has collected the most common questions and troubleshooting solutions, refer the page to get more information.

Netflix Xbox 360 Activation Instructions
For better movie and TV experience, you need a high speed internet connection (3 Mbps or faster is recommended), a Xbox Gold LIVE membership and a Netflix unlimited plan. If all those items are ready at your side, go to your Xbox menu, download and install the Netflix application from within the Video Marketplace, then go www.netflix.com/activate to activate your device.

You will then not only be able to play the great quality video games with Xbox 360, but also tons of great movies when you activate your Xbox 360 via www.netflix.com/Xbox. Take a look at what kind of movie is available at the moment: www.netflix.com/BrowseSelection. You will be able to access to the same movie database with Wii and PS3. Choose what device you have and you like to activate and login to watch the high quality movie and TV program.

Reference Links

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