Enter www.edd.ca.gov/eapply4ui/ to Get Your California EDD eApply4UI

California EDD eApply4UI is the California EDD unemployment insurance benefits program. eApply4UI is the most efficient way for California citizens to apply for unemployment insurance and manage the application process, the same as Indiana Uplink online system.

California EDD eApply4UI Guide
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Before applying online at www.edd.ca.gov/eapply4ui (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to target page), you should take a look at California unemployment insurance benefits eligibility to make sure you are in the right pool.

  1. The EDD does not charge for any unemployment insurance service. The EDD does not charge to process or expedite a claim.
  2. When completing the online application, do not use any features that automatically fill your personal information, such as Google’s Autofill, Internet Explorer’s AutoComplete, or other similar features. If such features are used, it will cause entries in your online application to be incorrect.

This site may be used with any browser. However, some people may experience difficulties with this site due to their browser’s particular characteristics. Best results will be achieved with the latest version of Internet Explorer. You may click here to download Internet Explorer. Make sure you are using IE to apply. Download eApply4UI Spanish document or go to page www.edd.ca.gov/InformaciongeneralenEspanol.htm and eApply4UI Chinese document if you are not speaking English.

The effective date of your UI claim is based on the date you file your claim online or the date you first contact the Employment Development Department (EDD). The effective date determines your base period, and as a result, your benefit amount. A base period is a 12-month period of earnings, divided into quarters. The base period is used to establish a claim and calculate an award. You may wish to review your wages during each quarter of the base period to determine the best time to file. You will not receive any benefits until you actually submit an application or call EDD to file a claim.

To establish a valid claim, you must have earned at least (1) $1300 in one quarter of your base period, or (2) at least $900 in your highest quarter and total base period earnings of 1.25 times your high quarter earnings. What’s more, you must be out of work (for any reason) or working less than full-time at the time you file your claim. The application will ask a series of questions. Some questions will be about your recent employment. Other questions will ask for personal information for identification and statistical purposes, such as date of birth and years of education. It is important to be as accurate as possible with the information you provide. The answers you give to the questions on the application must be true and correct. You may be subject to penalties if you make a false statement or withhold information.

Both www.edd.ca.gov/eapply4ui/ and eapply4ui.edd.ca.gov points to the same page, choose what ever you like to apply your unemployment insurance via eApply4UI.

Reference Links

  1. EDD eApply Application Website Access 1 – www.edd.ca.gov/eapply4ui/
  2. EDD eApply Application Website Access 2 – eapply4ui.edd.ca.gov
  3. EDD Employment Development Department