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Does your Xbox have network connection problems? Xbox Network Help is the right place to fix all that. There are step by step troubleshooting process for the most common problems may occur, you can also read related articles to fix them as well. Fix your Xbox connection problem at  (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit this site)

Xbox Network Help Instructions
Xbox is already one of the most popular online gaming consoles. You may also play games at iPhone, but mostly those are light games. Xbox is better for heavy games. Microsoft is working hard to connect the games you have with Xbox through your Windows Phone. However, the problem is how many people are using Windows Phone now?

However before consulting Xbox customer service or online help center, it is suggested that you do a troubleshooting by yourself first:

  1. Check internet connection. Use your iPhone or Google Android powered smartphone, open browser, input and return. If you can visit the website, it is ok. Remember using your home Wi-Fi connection. If not, talk with your ISP first.
  2. Check your Xbox status, whether network connection is on with green light. Configure your Xbox network, if there is no problem here, but you can not connect, restore to factory defaults, turn off console and restart it again.
  3. You are almost done with Xbox network connection check. Xbox LIVE will give you a message about whether it is the connection problem coming from. You can use WIRED connection if the problem is not fixed yet.

If you connect Xbox Live for the first time, you can connect to the Xbox by using a wireless connection or a wired connection or using a windows computer or a Mac computer in place of a router.

Are you seeing an error message after you run the Xbox LIVE Connection Test? Can’t hear your friends online, or can’t join or host a multiplayer game on Xbox LIVE? Are you experiencing slow performance when playing games on Xbox LIVE? Or other less common connection problems? If so, answer a few questions and do as the step by step troubleshooting process and all of these questions will be fixed with a number of solutions at Xbox Network Help. It is important that before you get started, check the Xbox LIVE service status for up-to-date information about any service outages or alerts.

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