Get American Express Serve Prepaid Card for More Benefits at

Your full service reloadable prepaid card is coming! With no credit check, no minimum balance, no hidden fees, world class service, American Express serve prepaid card will be your wise choice.

Get American Express Serve Prepaid Card Instructions
American Express Serve offers many benefits which enable customers to use the card easily.

  • Easy to get, set up and use.
  • Various ways to reload money to your card.
  • Low fees. For example, withdraw cash for free at MoneyPass Network ATMs, no overdraft fees cause you can not overdraft your account.
  • World class service. A live person is always 24/7 answer any questions and help solutions.

How does American Express Serve Prepaid Card work

  1. Register for a card. You have two ways to get a card.
    • Buy a temporary card at retailers such as CVS, Office Depot or Family Dollar and upgrade online. You are not required to upgrade your temporary card while you can enjoy more benefits with a personalized card.
    • Visit (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit the site directly) and fill in your full name and email address to register online. You will receive your personalized card in the mail a few days later.
  2. Add money to your card. Various ways are provided for you to reload money. You can have your paycheck or government benefits automatically added so you can access your money on payday. Add cash with third party, transfer from your savings account and link your credit or debit card are also available.
  3. Use your card. Cardholders can use your card in many ways.
    • Pay with your card in store or online virtually anywhere American Express Cards are accepted.
    • Access your money at ATMs worldwide.
    • Send money between family and friends even if they don’t have the same bank account.
    • Easily pay bills.

To convenient your daily life, American Express Serve has many other special offers, explore by yourself at In case you get into any trouble, the Help Center (See Reference Links 3) has detailed information about the card.

Reference Links

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