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AR (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit the site directly) is a gathering place of firearm lovers. You are able to get the latest information about AR-15, AK-47, Handgun, Armory and so on. With other members you are free to talk share your opinions of how to use, protect and maintain these firearms. As the world’s largest firearm community. not only offers a place for gun training ans using, but also lead people to a correct way of treating firearms. Firearm Community Instruction
At AR you can find almost all information about the most popular and well-known firearms like AR 15, Ak-47, ZM LR-300, Bushmaster XM-15, RA M96 Carbine and so on. The community has the recent manuals about these firearms, which is on how to properly assemble and maintain your rifles. For example, in AR rifle section, you can follow guides like Ar Parts Diagram, AR Maintenance, AR Filed Stripping and AR FGG guide. Moreover, General Training Discussions Section enables you to put up general questions & discussions; at Reviews & Recommendations section you can share your experience; Training Facilities Section offers you Facility Information, Instructors, & Available Courses. If you want  to know about the latest speeches and meetings about firearm or detailed instructions of firearm, videos are there for you. At the same time books and tools related are also available. In the community you can also learn how to do self defense when armed.

Join the community at to promote shooting sports, freedoms, and discussions.
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