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Do you want to enjoy 0 intro purchase APR for 15 months? Would you like to enjoy up to 5% cashback bonus? A Discover Credit Card can help you realize it. And it offers more than one kind of credit card. It is good news that Discover Credit Card Application is easy and convenient for you.  Go on the (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the  official page) to enter your invitation number.

Discover Credit Card Application Instructions
Discover Card fits various social groups. You can choose the certain kind that suits you best according to your own needs. Want to possess one Discover Card? Please get ready to apply for your own one! You will find yourself surrounded by convenience and easiness with a Discover Credit Card.

Choose one Discover Card and apply for it online. You will spend a few minutes to finish the application procedure. First, input your Invitation Number. On the offer letter which Discover recently sent you, you can find a 23-digit number.That’s the number you need to enter. Then, after application, you can check the state of your Discover Credit Card Application by entering your zip code and Social Security number. To activate your Discover Credit Card, you should also use the Invitation Number.

Benefits differ based on different kinds of Discover Card. Once you’ve activated your Discover More Card, you will enjoy benefits of 0 intro balance transfer APR lasting for 15 months, 0 intro purchase APR for 15 months and 0 annual fee. If you choose a Discover Student Card, you can enjoy 0 Intro Purchase APR for 6 months. Then Variable Purchase APR of 12.99% – 19.99% and 0 annual fee are waiting for you. And cash rewards on everything you buy will be available to you. With a Discover Student Card, you can access to 2% graduation reward if you take student loans. You can also apply for Discover Business Card and Discover Business Miles Card. With them, you will enjoy up to 5% cashback bonus and double miles for each respective card. For more details, please move to Discover Page.

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  • Phone number:  24/7 Banking Center Customer Care at 1‑877‑409‑0274
  • Address: 502 East Market Street, Greenwood, DE 19950

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