Get to Know Twitter Basics

No matter what your story with Twitter is, no matter why and how you start your story with Twitter, it is always important to set out on your journey.

What is the Fun with Twitter

Everything on Twitter is simple and pleasant.

  • You create Twitter account with profile that best describes you.
  • You [follow] people who interest you, and people who are interested in you follow you.
  • You [tweet] [tweets] to share your life with your followers.
  • You [retweet] and [reply] other’s tweets that you find interesting.
  • You view tweets that others tweet on your [timeline] to get into their lives. It’s this easy.

Twitter is simple. Life is simple.

Get Familiar with Twitter 

1. To [tweet] [tweets] means to compose text and picture content in the composing box and publish it to share your content. You can create new tweets by clicking the button like thisTweets composing button. The composing box is as following. When you complete composing your tweet you can click the “Tweet” button to publish it. You can only input no more than 140 characters. When you publish your tweet, it will appear on the timeline of those who have followed you.

Twitter composing box

2. [Timeline] is where you receive and view the tweets that published by the people you follow. All tweets are listed in chronological order in your timeline.

3. To [follow] people on Twitter by clicking the “follow” buttonHow to Find and Follow People on Twitter follow buttonmeans to “subscribe to” the tweets of certain people. Once you follow someone on Twitter, you can receive all their new tweets they published at your timeline.

4. To [reply] tweets means to respond the other’s tweets by leaving your comments under that tweet in order to interact the the composer of the tweets. You can click the “Reply” buttonReply button, the composing box to compose your reply is the same as the box you compose your tweet. It’s just that when you reply someone’s tweet, you will start with @ plus the username of the one who writes the tweet.

5. To [@] someone means to mention someone on Twitter, the one you @ will be informed of the event where you @ him or her.  You can @ anyone in your tweets. Simply start your tweet with “@”.

6. To [retweet] tweets means to relay other’s tweets so that the tweets can be seen by your followers.