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Get an affordable and efficient mailbox service to protect your confidentiality and have your mail directly delivered to you after they arrive at the city you are located. This is rather convenient with a USPS PO Box. You get your mail when and where you want it while keeping your home address private and important mail confidential. You can renew your service easily online with a credit card or sign up for automatic renewal at (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit this site).

USPS PO Box Service Instructions
If you require more than free home delivery or general delivery, the reasonably charged PO Box service can be used for selected contacts and transactions and it is faster than residential and business address. You control your lock and key to your PO Box and confidentiality is thus not a problem. You can keep the same PO Box address no matter where you are moving, so for businesses expanding to other cities, PO Boxes keep your business contact information persistent.

How to Reserve a PO Box
You may apply for a a PO Box in person at a Post Office or online at A PO Box may be available for no fee for those who are not eligible for home delivery. During the application process you will be given information on sizes, price, delivery times and access hours, renewal fees of the PO Box, necessary identification and other related information. For online application, a account is needed to easily reserve, renew or manage a PO Box online. Once you set up your PO Box online, you can get payment reminders via email, view your status, set up automatic payments, and see your online payment history.

  1. Press “Reserve a PO Box” and fill in the required field to find a PO Box location near you.
  2. Choose an available PO Box size,indicating a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month payment preference. There are 5 different sizes of PO Boxes for you to choose: 3″ x 5.5″, 5″ x 5.5″, 11″ x 5.5″, 11″ x 11″ and 22.5″ x 12″. The default depth of PO Boxes is 14.75″.
  3. Check PO Box lobby hours and business hours of the post office you choose and click “Continue”.
  4. Complete the PO Box Online Application, adding additional box users if applicable.
  5. Select your payment method and enter your card information. You can choose to click in the box to the left of “Save credit card to My Account”.
  6. Read the refund policy and click on the box to the left of “I accept the refund policy” and click “Continue”.
  7. Review the Application and Payment Review page for accuracy and click in the box and hit “Continue”.
  8. Print the application form and bring it to the Post Office—along with two acceptable forms of ID (photo IDs and non-photo IDs). Once your ID is verified, you will receive your box number and the keys to your PO Box.

Only the official box holder may use a Change of Address (COA) form to forward mail (temporarily or permanently) away from a PO Box, except those who use a no-fee box.

How to Renew a PO Box
You can pay renewal fees online with a credit or debit card at, at any USPS self-service kiosk (formerly Automated Postal Center), or at the Post Office where your PO Box is located.

1.To renew your PO Box online, you need to enter you username and password to your account, your PO Box number and the ZIP Code where it’s located, your last name and/or business/organization name exactly as it appeared on your application.

2.Click “Continue” to view your “My Details and Options” page

3. Select your payment options.

You may schedule your business mail pickup known as Caller Service. Customers of this service can only pay in person or by mail, but not online or at an APC.

Apply for a USPS PO Box service at

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