Go to esupport.sony.com to Get the Help You Need at Sony e-Support

Have you admired the high-quality and fully functional Sony electronic devices but, meanwhile, fretted about their operations and announcements. If so, come to the Sony Support online for help. No matter it’s your Sony PC, tablet, camera, TV, MP3, or you car, Sony provides solutions to your problems.

Sony e-Support Online Instructions
Sony Support online mainly offers brand customers the instrumental files on drivers & software, troubleshooting, manuals, specifications, warranty, news or alerts and the videos of tutorial. You can choose your device and find support for it from the blue menu on top, or get the help you need from esupport.sony.com (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the target page).

  • In the “Drivers & Software” section, select a product you would like to learn by entering the model number or from the category list given. Notably, if you have forgotten your model number, you may click on the “How do I find my model number” link. In this section, you may download some files on model-related operating instructions, notes and FAQ, through which the  device operation can be much easier.
  • Similarly, you may trouble shoot your Sony devices or download manuals, specifications and warranty following the same steps. In the troubleshooting part, overall and detailed answers and explanations are accessible to you. In the “Manual, Specs & Warranty” part, you can download model-related PDF files.
  • Pressing the “Remote Codes & Programming” button and selecting a product category may steer you into the remote code and programming part where you are able to get model-related remote codes and programming instructions to finish the process. Alternatively, if you can’t find them there, you can acquire them by clicking “product manual” and “remote manual” in the “Manual, Specs & Warranty” part. Supposing that you would like to buy a new remote, just go back to the model number entering page and click on the “Purchase a new number remote” link to finish the purchase.
  • If you feel like watching a tutorial video, press the “Videos & Tutorials” button and the link will direct you to the YouTube videos on product introductions and directions.
  • You may get the link to news and alerts column by clicking any button among the five ones mentioned. Here, you may acquire product alerts and general information.

You can find status & FAQ of Netflix & DLNA setup, hookup guide for TV & Home, video transfer instructions, no boot or start-up support for Windows operating systems, upgrade & FAQ support for Windows 8 in the middle of the Sony e-support page.

If you have any question, fell free to call the customer service at 1-239-245-6368/1-239-245-6354 or visit esupport.sony.com immediately.

Reference Links

  1. Sony e-Support Online Homepage – esupport.sony.com
  2. Sony Official Website – www.sony.net
  3. Sony on Facebook – www.facebook.com/Sony
  4. Sony on Twitter – twitter.com/sonysupportusa
  5. Sony on YouTube – www.youtube.com/user/SonyListens