Go to www.xbox.com/forgot to Reset Your Xbox Account Password

What if you forgot the Microsoft account password for Xbox online? Wonder how to reset it? Xbox understands your concern. To help their customers reset password, Xbox has designed such a page as part of its online support service to offer solutions to password reset. You can always find a way out at this page if you couldn’t remember the password .

Xbox Account Password Reset Instructions
In order to clear out all the worries of customers for forgetting the Xbox account password, which may lead to inconvenience of getting no access to its online services anymore, Xbox online support services specially provide a page to teach customers how to reset the password for Xbox, i.e., Microsoft account password. It has taken all the problems that may occur during the password reset process into consideration so that you can reset your password successfully and smoothly with its detailed instructions.

If you still have some problems left unsolved, there are more solutions at this page. At the bottom of it you could find another 3 options showed as pictures to get assistance: to get help from the intelligent Xbox Community and Forums as well as the official Xbox support; To chat with an ambassador or contact with the other Xbox customers like you to ask if they have some good ideas; To contact an Xbox support technician to help you out.

How to Reset Your Microsoft(Xbox)  Account Password
For those who know the Email address for Microsoft account but forget the password, password reset is necessary. To achieve the reset process you need to take the following steps:

  1. Visit www.xbox.com/forgot (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to target page) and click the “Reset your password” offered at the instruction page.
  2. Type in your Microsoft account in the first text box. If you do not know your Microsoft account either, you can click “Find your Microsoft account”.
  3. Enter the validation characters that appear on the second text box and click “Next”.
  4. At the newly-appeared screen, choose an option which suits you best for resetting your password.
    • “Email me a reset link”. In this way, you will receive a reset link at the alternative email address connected to your account. Click the link in the email and reset your password.
    • “Use my trusted PC”. If you are currently using the trusted PC which is associated with your account, you can choose this method and follow the instructions to reset.
    • “I can’t use any of these options”. If two options above do not work for you, no worry, click this link and more detailed information for solution will appear to you. It is an alternative method, that is, completing an online account recovery form. Visit “Recover your Microsoft account” and further follow the instructions to complete the online account recovery form to get your account recovered.

For more detailed instructions for Xbox account password reset, you can go to www.xbox.com/forgot to check out.

Reference Links

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  2. Official Xbox Support
  3. Xbox on Facebook – www.facebook.com/xbox
  4. Xbox on Twitter – twitter.com/Xbox
  5. Xbox Support Forum