How to Add Contacts on Skype on an iPhone

Launch Skype

  • Launch Skype on your iPhone. You will be on one of the pages of Skype interface. [1]

Click Menu Button

click menu button

  • Click the menu button in the bottom left of any Skype page. A menu will pop up.

Click “Add People”

click add people

  • In the pop-up menu, click “add people”.  A searching field will appear.

Search for People to Add

search for people

  • Enter the Skype name of the one you want to add in the searching field and tap “Search” in the bottom right of the keyboard.

Tap the Name

tap the name of people

  • After you search for the Skype name of the people you want to add, his or her name will appear on the screen. [2]

Tap “Send Contact Request” 

tap send contact request

  • Tap “send contact request” to send your request. [3] Then you can wait for him or her to accept the request.