How to Create a Gmail Account on a PC

Access Gmail Official Website

Click “Create an Account” 

gmail homepage

  • Find the “Create an account” button and click it.

Enter Account Information [1]

fill out information

  • Enter the information needed to create the account [2] and check the check box to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. Then click “Next Step” button to continue.

Create Google+ Profile

how you will appear

  • Google would ask you to create a Google+ profile. If you would like to do that, click “Add a photo” to create the profile. If not, click “Next Step” button to go on.

Meet Welcome Page

gmail interface

  • Then you will be on the welcome page with some instructions. Click “Continue to Gmail” button to continue.

welcome interface

  • You are now at the Gmail main interface and you have successfully created a Gmail account.