How to Effectively Customize Your Resume for a Job

Resumes are often used for personal application for a job. It briefly states one’s education, employment experience, expertise and sometimes personality, interests, and/or expectations. It is a tool for job seekers to get the interview opportunity from employers. With the increase of job seekers, the importance of resume also increase.

Customizing one’s own specific resume for each opportunity is the first step to get a job. You may say that we can easily download a template from Internet. Yes, it is true, but you should be aware that others can also download resume templates easily online. You must seize every chance to make yourself unique and outstanding from thousands of competitors.

Step by Step Guide to Quickly Customize Your Resume for a Job

Making your own resume is not that difficult and complicated. Be confident and aggressive. Follow the step instructions below, and I am sure you can make one prefect resume for your next application.

  1. Make an Analysis of the Job and Company You want to Apply: Carefully read the recruitment information. Make clear of the job descriptions, requirements, locations, even duties and responsibilities. Analyzing the company to know it’s mission and employee demand.
  2. Find an Empty Resume Template Online or Make a Form Yourself in Word: Downloading a basic resume template helps you save time, or you can choose to make one in Word. Remember the template is just a template. It is not the final version of your resume.
  3. Fill in Basic Personal Information: All resumes require this part. Your full name, address, phone number are indispensable. You can add other information, such as interests, height and weight, but never cover too much.
  4. Customize Your Educational Background Based on the Job Requirements: Highlight your highest education, Bachelor, Master or Doctor to make it impressive. If the job has education restriction, this part would matter a lot.
  5. Customize Your Work Experience, as Appropriate to Match the Job: You may have rich work experiences, but you don’t need list all of them. Just highlight the experiences related with the job you want to apply.
  6. Customize Your Professional Skills: Refer to the job description, and make clear your own skills for this job to catch the employer’s eyes. The skills must relate with the job, be honest and true.
  7. State Your Objective and Value: This part is showing your determination of getting this job and what you can bring to the company if you succeed. It is not necessary, but most attractive. State sincerely and confidently, the employer always admire those employees who have potential and confidence.
  8. Add a photo if required to complete your resume.

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