How to Import Bookmarks into Chrome on a PC

Access “Import Bookmarks and Settings”

  • Launch Chrome from your computer and click the Settings button  Menu Button in the upper-right corner.

Access Import Bookmarks and Settings

  • Hover your cursor over “Bookmarks” and click on “Import Bookmarks and Settings” in the extended menu list .

You can Import Bookmarks from Other Browsers

Select Browser

Select Source

  •  Click in the droplist box next to “from”.
  • Select the Browser from which you want to import bookmarks.

Select Items to Import

Select Item

  •  Check the box to the left of the item that you want to import. You can select from the following four items.1. Browsing history
    2. Favorites/Bookmarks
    3. Saved password
    4. Search Engines

Click “Import” Button

Find imported Bookmarks

  •  Click on the “Import” button to start importing. When you finish importing, you can find the bookmarks you have imported in your Chrome bookmarks.

You can Also Import from Bookmarks HTML Files

To import bookmarks HTML files, you need to first export bookmarks HTML files from other browsers and store them in your computer. Follow step 1 in the beginning to access “Import Bookmarks and Settings” and proceed with the following steps.

Select Bookmarks HTML Files Source

Select HTML Source

  •  Select “Bookmarks HTML Files” option in the droplist box next to “from”. [1]

Click “Choose File” Button 

  •  Click on the “Choose File” button. You will see a pop-up on the screen which allows you to choose bookmark HTML file from your computer.

Select HTML File

Select HTML File

  • Navigate to the location where you store your HTML file and open it.