How to Install Extensions in Chrome on a PC

Access the Store 

store interface

Find the Extension

search for the extensions

  • Search for the extension that you’d like to install in the search field.

Click “Free” Button

hover the cursor and let the Free button appear

  • When you find the extension, hover your cursor over the extension, an introduction as well as a “Free” button will appear. Click the “Free” button.

open detail page

  • You can also click the extension to enter the specific introduction page of the extension. There is a “Free” button on that page too. Click it.

Click “Add” Button

confirmation dialogue

  • When you click the “Free” button, you will see a confirmation window. On that window click the “Add” button to install the extension. Chrome will start downloading and installing the extension.

installation succeed page

  • After the installation, you can find the icon of the extension in the top right corner of the browser. [2]