How to Send Direct Messages to Twitter Followers on Your PC

You can send direct messages to your Twitter followers in 2 ways. Follow the instructions below to send a DM to your Twitter friend.

From “Followers” Page[1]

Sign in to Twitter

Sign in to Twitter

  • Visit, and enter your username and password. Then click sign in button.

Visit “Followers” Page

Visit “Followers” Page

  • Click “Followers”.

Choose a Follower

Choose a Follower

  • On the “Followers” page, locate the one you want to send DM to. Click 31384842and “Send a Direct Message”.

Start Sending DM

Start Sending DM

  • Enter your messages in the box and click “Send message”.[2]

From DM Box

Write a DM

Write a DM

  • Click the envelope button on the top right of the page to send a new message.

Write a DM

  • Click “New message”.

Choose a Friend

Choose a Friend

  • Enter the account name of your Twitter friend who you want to send this DM to and click “Send message” after you finish composing the message.