How to Share iTunes Library Using Home Sharing on a PC

iTunes Home Sharing enables users to share library on different computers. You can use the same Apple ID to turn on Home Sharing and share libraries between up to 5 computers. Follow the steps below to get started.

Access Home Sharing

  • Launch iTunes on  your computer.

Access Home Sharing

  • Click on the library button in the top-left corner.
  • in the library list click “Home Sharing”.

Create Home Sharing

You need to first create Home Sharing on one of your computer.

Enter Apple ID

  • Enter your Apple ID and password to create Home Sharing
  • Click on “Turn on Home Sharing” button Turn on Button to turn on Home Sharing.
  • Click “Done” when you successfully turn on Home Sharing.

Authorize Computer

If you have not authorize the computer you use to create Home Share, an authorization pop-up will appear on your screen.

Authorize Computer

  • Click “Authorize” to authorize computer.

Turn on Home Sharing on Another Computer

  • Follow the same steps above to turn on Home Sharing on another computer. [1]

Access Shared Library

View Shared Library

  • Click on the library button in the top-left corner.
  • The shared iTunes library on other computers will appear in the library list. You can click to access the shared library.