How to Tag Friends on Instagram on an iPhone

When you are making Instagram photos of your friends, you can also tag them in the photo. Here is how to do that.

Take Photos

Access Homepage

  • Access your instagram and tap the shutter button in the middle to take a photo.

Edit Photos

Edit Photo

  • Edit your photo with various filters and Instagram photo editing tools. [1]
  • Tap “Next” in the top-right corner.

Tap “Tag People”

Tap button

  • On the “Share to” page find the “Tag People” button and tap it.

Tag People

Search People

  • Tap the photo in certain area to tag people. (Usually it is where the people you want to tag appear on the photo.)

Type in Name

  • Insert the name of your friend in the searching field. It will suggest someone from your followers according to the name you have typed in. [2]
  • Select the one you want to tag and then tap “DONE” in the top-right corner. [3]

Share Photos

After you tap “DONE” you will be directed back to the “Share to” page.

Share Photo

  • Write a caption for the photo on which you have just tagged your friends. (Optional)
  • Tap “Share” button in the bottom to publish your photo. [4]