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Do you like burgers of Red Robin? Do you know how to get rewards from Red Robin? Let me tell you what you can get from them for free and how. Get a Red Royalty card at a participating Red Robin restaurant and begin to earn the reward points. Register your Red Robin Red Royalty rewards card at (Click the link in the Reference Links at the bottom of the page to visit the site directly).

Red Robin Red Royalty Rewards Program Instructions
The Red Royalty program is for adults 18 and older, there is a kids club where you can email your children’s names, birth dates and your Red Royalty email address to help kids register. You can get rewards as follows:

  1. Free Birthday Burger. Is it the month of your birthday? Come to Red Robin, you will have the privilege to choose from over 24 Gourmet Burgers totally for free. 
  2. $20 Towards Your 6th Visit. Have you got a Red Robin card? 5 weeks starting from you get your card, as long as you visit 5 times in your first 5 weeks, your 6th visit will be defined as purchase including a burger, entree, full- sized salad or sandwich.
  3. Every 10th Item Free. How often do you eat at Red Robin? Every 10 times you visit Red Robin, you get something for free, including mix and match burgers, salads, sandwiches and entrees.
  4. Exclusive Surprises. There are special offers and great deals throughout the year, which will make you and your taste buds delighted.

There are so many benefits, what are you waiting for to become a Red Robin member? Go and Register for Rewards!

How to Register for Red Robin

  1. Click the “REGISTER NOW” button and choose your home Red Robin location. Red Robin need to make sure there’s a participating Red Robin close by your home location and your perks and privileges are only valid at your pre-selected home location. Just enter your CITY,  or zip, or postal code to search.
  2. Choose the closest one to your home from the search result.
  3. Enter your email address and create your Red Robin Royalty Password. You can also make it easy by registering with your Facebook or Twitter.
  4. Then fill out your information. You can choose to have a physical card or going cardless. Enter your name, birthday, address and other information and make other choices given to submit.
  5. At last, check your email for the link they have sent you and click it to confirm your email address.

Red Royalty discounts apply only to food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases. So rewards cannot be applied towards alcohol, merchandise or gift cards (ie $20 discount). Only one reward is redeemable per visit. If you have earned more than one reward, the reward that is pre-ranked the highest in our system will be used first. Rewards are ranked in the following order: 1. 5 Visits in 5 Weeks, $20 Reward on 6th visit, birthday Burger, buy 9 items, Get the 10th item Free. To see expiration dates and other available rewards, please log-in to your account. Credits may be received up to 30 days from the date of your restaurant visit. Credits will not apply to visits prior to card activation.

Except the Red Royalty card, Red Robin gift card is always a great gift for friends and family members. Call 877-RED-6543 to order or get it online at You can easily reload your gift card, check account balance and create a customized card.

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