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Want to get rewards from your daily purchase? And to earn points for every dollar you spend? Want a good deal that to redeem a reward at a discounted points level? Sears Choice Rewards Program is designed to dazzle you with a wide variety of individual rewards. You can simply earn points and redeem rewards by using your Sears MasterCard card for all of your everyday purchases. As a part of Sears Card Rewards program, which you can find it at (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit the site directly), Sears Choice Rewards program is ready to offer benefits for customers.

Sears Choice Rewards Program Instructions
Sears Choice Rewards Program site is a place where you can check more about the program itself as well as your points and rewards. Generally speaking, the program works in this way: By using your Sears MasterCard card, you can simply earn points for all your daily purchases with which you can get rewards or other benefits. That is to say, every dollar spent on eligible purchases counts towards great rewards. And there’s no limit to the number of points you can earn. The typical rewards you can earn include: hotel stays and vacation packages, cruises, Sears and Kmart gift cards, dining gift cards at popular restaurants, worldwide flights on major airlines, gift cards to nationwide retailers, gasoline, groceries and drugstore items. To get he benefits offered by Sears, it is suggested  that you should visit the Sears Choice Rewards website often to see which items in the rewards collection you can redeem at discounted point levels so that you wouldn’t miss anything.
This site offers you an easy and convenient way to check how many points you have earned and what rewards you can redeem. You can redeem your rewards points at any time you like. Sears Choice Rewards has an amazing collection of merchandise, like the latest Baumell Pearl Five Row Stretch Bracelet, Best Western Travel Card and Bulova Ladies Bracelet Watch are available at the price of points amount given. There are even more items waiting for exploring. To redeem your items, you need sign in first by entering your user ID and password. If you have not accessed your account information in the past 18 months, please register again with a new User ID.

How to Create Your Account

  1. Enter account number.
  2. Enter account information.
  3. Create User ID adn password.
  4. Set security questions.
  5. Add card options.
  6. Complete Registration.

Once enrolled, you will earn Points on all eligible purchases. Points will appear on your billing statement at the close of each billing cycle. There’s no limit to the number of points you can earn in a year. Your Points are valid for a minimum of 3 years. Points will expire on the third anniversary of enrollment after your purchase. However, if Sears terminate the program, you will have 90 days from the program termination date to redeem accumulated Points. If your membership is terminated (including if your Account is closed), or if you decide to cancel your membership in Sears Choice Rewards, all accumulated Points will be forfeited.

Your points balance appears at the top of the navigation bar when you log on to the website. You can also see your point balance in the Reward Summary on your billing statement, or you may call 1-888-846-7928. Points are earned only when they have appeared on your billing statement. If you still have questions, call 1-800-669-8488.

Check your points and redeem them at

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