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National Restaurant News ranks Chuckecheese as one of the 100 top restaurants in the food industry.  By March 2014, the company operates 577 locations. Such a big enterprise employes a huge amount of workers. Do you want to find a job in Chuckecheese? Would you like to feel the energy of Chuckecheese? Do you want to bring more possibilities  to your life so that you won’t regret when you turn old? Chuckecheese offers you all you want: high salary, benefits, promotion possibility and so on. If you’re interested, visit (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the  official page) to give yourself a chance!

Quick Reference of Chuckecheese Employment Benefits

For workers in United States:

  • Workers enjoy comprehensive medical and dental plans.
  • Every worker get a health insurance account.
  • Paid holidays and vacation.
  • Employee get life insurance.
  • Employee food discount.
  • Also perks with Dell and Sprint.

For workers in Canada:

You will get all bonus and benefits above, but Unites States employee do enjoy much more benefits. Visit Chuckecheese Employee Benefits yo find out more.

Please note: All Chuckecheese employees are qualified to these benefits, but for details and rules, please contact Benefit Department  at 972-258-5496 or 972-258-5463.

Apply for a Career in Chuckecheese

  1. Visit
  2. Choose one open position that suits you.
  3. Enter the province or state you would like to work in. Or enter the zip code.
  4. Then you will be shown a list of locations as well as maps, phone numbers, working hours and so on.
  5. Select one you like and enter personal information to fill an application form.
  6. Click “Submit”.

Chuckecheese is committed to make each guest leaves happy. They focused on unwavering achievement of their goals in the market place. The marker of performance is sales. And they regard it  their responsibility to maximize the benefits of employees and shareholders as well as  maximize the return on capital.

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