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One of the major airlines in the American aviation industry is American Airlines. It operates an extensive international and domestic network, with flights throughout North America, the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Asia. It serves a huge number of customers every day with annual traffic numbers counted in millions. Dealing with such a huge business means that the airline employs a large number of people and interacts with many other suppliers and partners. To manage all of these interactions efficiently, the company has developed a website for its employees, both current and retired, as well as contractors.

American Airlines Employee Log in System Instructions
American Airlines employees, both active and retired, can log in the website to get information about A flight services, 401K plans, benefits and other useful employment information. If you already have a user ID, then enter your user ID and password into the boxes on the homepage to log in.

If you are new to the system, please sign up first.

  1. Visit (Click the link in the Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit the site directly) and click on “Help” button to continue.
  2. Choose “First time user registration” link.
  3. Enter your employee or contractor number into the user ID box and click on “Submit” button to continue.
  4. You are taken to the page to create a user ID and a password for yourself. Once you have finished, please hit “Continue” button.
  5. Then you are required to create security questions and answers to those questions. Click on “Finish” button to complete the registration process.
  6. After creating your own user ID, view the “User Agreement”. is designed for people who work for American Airlines and companies or individuals who do business with the company. Log in and access the information useful to you.

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