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You have to admit that Yahoo! is still the No.1 news portal and webmail service provider. People are still used to login their Yahoo! email and read news at Yahoo! even though more and more people begin to move to some news sharing site like digg and friendfeed. Search Introduction (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the official page) is Yahoo! People Search page, where you can do the following kinds of search:

  1. U.S. phone and address search, input first name and last name, city and state information, Yahoo! people search will return what they have in their database.
  2. Reverse phone search, just input the phone number and try to find out whether the people you are looking for is covered by Yahoo! people search.
  3. One more special search that Yahoo! people search provides is email search, with first name and last name, Yahoo! will list the email address whose owner is using the information you have input.

Even though Yahoo! people search does not have the biggest phone reverse lookup database, as a free service, it is the place you should try before you are planning to pay online.

Visit to do people search, reverse phone search and email search.

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