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Did you ever want to know what life was like when you grand, grand, grand father was small? Do you wonder why your family has become a traditional medical family or farm family etc.? Do you like to know what they have gone through in their lives that makes who your grandfather is, then you father and you? Or Do you think you’ve done some wonderful things and would like to be remembered by your next next generations? Family Search Pioneer at (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the  official page) is a great place for you to realize your ideas.

Discover Your Pioneering Ancestors

  • You may choose to view stories from the trail and see what life of other people’s  ancestors were like. All this information was updated by users from
  • If you have upload stories or pictures about your family, then you may choose to log in to check the latest information updated to your family tree. Click “View My Tree”, You may find a distant family member on Family Search.

Tell Your Own Pioneer Story

  • On the middle right part of the page is “Add My Story”button, Click on it to upload your family pictures, stories etc. to let your story be remembered by descendants.
  • On the bottom of this page is “I am the pioneer Page”, Click on it and then you will be directed to the official page.

Every person’s story is quite unique to themselves. You are the judge of whether it will leave a legacy to your family members in the years to come. As far as i know, no descendants  complain their ancestors’ good wills to let them know who they are and what their families have been through. Although the huge world, vast and unpredictable universe diminish humankind, we still have every reason to remember our existence and value ourselves.

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