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Many homeowners are looking to refinance their current loans because of lowering interest rates and falling home prices. Applying for a refinance loan has never been easier - our system allows you to quickly compare offers from up to six lenders in your local area. What's better is you're under absolutely no obligation to accept any offers made.

One of the most popular reasons for refinancing is to get out of a high-interest-rate, high-monthly-payment loan. Some homeowners have to settle for a less than ideal original mortgage loan because of bad credit, the lack of a sizeable down payment contribution, or perhaps simply because the market rates were very high at the time. Once these borrowers have rebuilt their credit through timely mortgage payments, have saved up enough for new closing costs, or the market has brought average rates much lower, they can apply for a new home loan with a lower interest rate than their original loan carried. That will translate into lower monthly payments and less interest expense over the long run.

Another very trendy reason for refinancing these days is to pull out extra cash for various financial needs. This option is often called a cash-out refinance. It means getting a new loan that will be large enough to pay off the original loan plus take some cash home with you for that remodeling project or to pay for your daughter's upcoming wedding. If you have a big, one-time expense coming up, refinancing will generally be a better option for you than a home equity loan.

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