Register Your Sony Products at to Enjoy Benefits

Have you got any Sony products ever? A mp3, VAIO laptop, or anything else? If you have one, you’ll not regret to register your device at (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the target page). You can get lots of benefits in return for registration. So spend a few minutes, and then take the advantages of the benefits today.

Sony Product Registration Step by Step Introductions

The registration will take you just a few minutes. Follow the steps below, then enjoy your device as a Sony family member:

  1. Fill in your model number
  2. Choose the date of your purchase
  3. Select the place of your purchase
  4. Enter the e-mail address you wish to use for your Product Registration account
  5. Click “Register Product” to complete your registration

Note: If you have already had a Sony Rewards or a Product Registration account, you should enter that registered e-mail address.

Sony Product Registration Benefits

You can get the following benefits as soon as you complete the registration:

  • Proof your ownership if your product is ever lost or stolen
  • Gathering all the information you need, including product manuals, drivers and warranty information
  • Push notification to your product on the framework and software updates to let you get the best experiences
  • Join a free rewards program and earn points for further purchases, even redeem a VIP membership

Beyond the Sony Product Registration, you can also register your special Sony products, such as VAIO laptops, PS4 and more. Of course, the registrations of these products will give you more specific benefits and services. If you need any help, join the Sony Community or follow Sony on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube will be really help.

Reference Links

  1. Sony Product Registration Page –
  2. Sony Community Page