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You must be looking for ways to be more efficient. Imagine what will you do if you forgot an important document? What if your email cannot transfer a huge file? What if you need a hard copy left at home? LogMeIn Rescue is there to provide remote support for your PCs, Macs and mobile devices securely over the web. You can be the one to rescue somebody or to be rescued.

LogMeIn Rescue Support Connection Instructions
Once you create a LogMeIn Rescue account, you are able to try it for free and buy the product. LogMeIn Rescue is composed of a Technician Console used by support technicians to conduct remote support sessions, a Customer Applet for technicians to communicate with customers and conduct remote support, and an Administration Center used by administrators to create and assign permissions for other administrators, technicians, and groups.

It all starts with creating a PIN code.

  1. Click “New Session” and then the Pin Code tab
  2. Visit the PIN code entry site: (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the official page). Enter your 6-digit code and press “Start Download” to download Rescue Applet to your computer to start the support session
  3. During the session, the technician will be fully control your computer
  4. Click “Report Abuse” if you believe someone might have used LogMeIn software maliciously during your session. Or you can call 1-877-337-2102 to seek help

When you start a session, you can troubleshoot the customer’s computer, reboot the customer’s computer, rescue somebody, move files between computers, control a smartphone, connect when nobody’s there, record your sessions, connect on LAN, and have some fun. You can also get detailed instructions here.

Having trouble using LogMeIn Rescue? Go to Help Center for FAQs.

Visit and start a session.

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