AT&T Places Charges on Third-party Companies on Its Bills at

The lawsuit claims that AT&T placed charges from third-party companies on its bills and collected money for those charges, even if the customers had not knowingly authorized the charges. The Court did not decide in favor of each side. Instead, both sides agreed to the Settlement. Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the  official page.

Settlement With AT&T Landline Third Party Billing Instructions 
The lawsuit asks the Court to require AT&T to pay customers the money it collected for all Third-Party Charges that the customers did not authorize. AT&T denies it did anything wrong or has any liability for Third-Party Charges. Both sides agreed to settle the lawsuit to avoid the cost, delay, risks, and uncertainty of litigation.

The Settlement affects the rights of all AT&T landline telephone customers who were billed for Third-Party Charges between January 1, 2005 and January 14, 2013.

To receive a Settlement payment, you must submit a Claim Form by December 2, 2013 or 30 days after you receive a Billing Summary in response to a timely request. You can also exclude yourself but you get no payment. If you don’t want to be legally bound by the Settlement, you must exclude yourself by September 2, 2013, or you won’t be able to sue, or continue to sue, AT&T or any other Released Parties, about the claims in this case.

You can object the Settlement. Your objection must be filed with the Court and mailed to Class Counsel and AT&T’s Counsel and received on or before September 2, 2013. If you do nothing, you get no payment and give up your right to sue Defendants and other Released Parties.

How much could your payment be depends on the amount of unauthorized Third-Party Charges. If you file a claim that is approved, you will receive the full amount of all Third-Party Charges you paid. If you have not retained or do not otherwise have access to your prior AT&T landline bills, it may not be possible for you to determine if you were billed for Third-Party Charges you did not authorize.

You can also download documents in “IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS” button. The content of “NOTICE” will explain to you all about the rights and options.

If you are involved in the settlement, visit to learn more about the Settlement.

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