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Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Do you have a Nike+ device to track your activity? Take your Nike+ device with you in the cool fall and cold winter to measure and monitor your workouts progress. This free software enables you to upload your Nike+ data from your Nike+ device to your account and manage your device settings/preferences.

Set up Your Nike+ Device using Connect Instructions
Your Nike+ device requires activation using Nike+ Connect.  If you are new to Nike+, you need to download and install Nike+ Connect before using your Nike+ device.

The devices that require Nike+ Connect are Nike+ Sport Sensors (for Nike+ Basketball and Nike+ Training), Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ SportWatch GPS, and Nike+ SportBand.

English is currently the only supported language for the Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ SportWatch GPS, and Nike+ SportBand. You can change the language for the Nike+ Running App (iOS and Android) through your mobile device.

Now begin with setup. Go to (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit this site) and choose your Nike+ system from Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ Training and Nike+ Basketball. You can download the software directly from this webpage.

For Nike+ FuelBand:

  1. Install Nike+ Connect and plug in your Nike+ FuelBand when prompted. Nike+ Connect will open when you plug in your device. If not, open it manually.
  2. Customize your Nike+ FuelBand’s settings, including personal details, wrist designation and daily NikeFuel goal.
  3. join or log in to Nike+ Connect. The FuelBand display will read “GO” when your device has been linked to your Nike+ profile.
  4. Charge your FuelBand’s battery by keeping the device plugged into your computer. Nike+ Connect will alert you when the battery is fully charged.

For Nike+ Training:

  1. Install Nike+ Connect or update the software if you already installed it.
  2. insert the sensors into the Nike+ Sport Charger. Plug in your charger.
  3. Nike+ Connect will open automatically and allow you to update the Nike+ Sport Sensors.
  4. Wait until the sensors are fully charged. You will see the green LED.
  5. Download and install the Nike+ Training app from the App Store on your mobile device.
  6. Open the app and log in or sign up for a Nike+ account.
  7. Pair your Nike+ Sport Sensors and Nike+ Basketball/Training shoes to the app. If you are not using the iPhone 5 or 4S, you have to connect the Nike+ Sport Adapter to your mobile device.
  8. Tap Pair My Shoes when prompted and insert the sensor into left shoe pocket, press the heel sensor, and wait for the confirmation message in the app. Repeat this process for the right shoe when prompted by the app.
  9. Now you can open to app to track your activity with Nike+ Training.

For Nike+ Basketball:
The setup process for Nike+ Basketball is basically the same as that for Nike+ Training, except that in step 5, you need to replace the Nike+ Training app with Nike+ Basketball app.

If Nike+ Connect doesn’t detect your device, try inserting your device into a different USB port, or restarting your computer or uninstalling and reinstalling Nike+ Connect.

Visit to set up your Nike+ device and leave your comments below to share your Nike+ progress if you like.

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