Transfer Balance on Brings You Benefits

You may recently received an offer to transfer your balance from an credit card company, but you may wonder:”Will this really  benefits me?” Balance transfer is a great method to save money and get control of your financial situation. Visit (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the  official page) to see how it will help you from a wide range of aspects.

The Advantages of Balance Transfer

  • Pay off your debts faster. If the APR rate of your current credit is high, you may consider to transfer your balance to a Discover card with low APR rate and decrease the time it takes to pay and the amount you have to pay. Discover provides you with various types of debts and you are free to choose anyone as long as it is fitful for you.
  • Consolidate your monthly payment. Transfer all balances to Discover helps you better manage your debt with a low monthly payment. Decrease your bills and consolidate creditors into one are not only much more convenient, it also helps to maintain your credit score,  secure a future home or car loan and  facilitate your life.
  • Save money on interest. Discover lowers your interest rate and enables you to save more money and quickly reach saving goals.  The money you save can either be used to reduce debts or to fulfill other financial goals.

Guide to Open and Manage Your Debt Account

  1. Click “Apply Now” button in the middle part of the webpage, and you be will directed to
  2. Scroll down to look through different types of credit cards if you are interested. Then click “Apply Now”,  you will be asked to enter your name to be used as username.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions, then enter some personal information, your address, SSD, total annual gross income and monthly housing/renting payment.
  4. You may notice that on top of the “Continue” button is a notification of “Get a great offer and transfer up to 3 balances”,  you may click to find out more.
  5. Click ” Paydown Estimator” or “Financial Calculator”, you will be directed to the login card center page. Once you login, it is easy to view or search your recent transactions, check your account balances and download up to 7 years of statement.

Reference Links

  1. Discover Balance Transfer Official Webpage
  2. Discover Balance Transfer Help Center
  3. FAQs About balance Transfer