Try to Pay Your Medical Bills With DMA ePayItOnline As an Easiest Way at

Earning money is difficult while spending it is not that easy as well. For example, paying healthcare bills probably upsets you as it is always time-consuming and inconvenient. If you have ever suffered from it, try ePayItOnline, the fastest, simplest and the most secure medical payment system worldwide.

The Easiest Way to Pay Your Medical Bills With DMA ePayItOnline Guide
ePayItOnline is an innovative and easy-to-use payment tool developed by Data Media Associates (DMA), an extremely prominent print and mail outsourcing service provider. Through it, you can pay your medical bills any time, anywhere after accessing your statement.

You have two ways to get your statement.

  • After your receiving healthcare services, your healthcare provider will send your electronic statement files to DMA which will print the documents out and email them to you.
  • When your electronic statement files are available, you will be informed by DMA eStatements with an email. Then, you can view them securely online.

Paying your medical bills is convenient and flexible with ePayItOnline. All you need to do is no more than 4 steps within 2 minutes.

  1. Enter (click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to target page) and input your CodeID as well as Access Number which are located on your statements. Press “Submit” to proceed.
  2. At the new page, the useful information including your account number, guarantor’s and your names as well as the amount due is presented for you.
  3. If you would like to receive an email receipt of your transaction, just leave an email address in the required field.
  4. Clicking on the “Update” link in the top right of the page provided that you have any personal and insurance changes to report your healthcare provider, you are showed a form to complete which will be automatically emailed to the billing office.
  5. Suppose that you can’t pay your balance in full and feel like requesting a recurring payment plan, tick the box in the bottom right corner and a notice will be sent to your healthcare provider.
  6. After inputting the total due and hitting the button marked “Pay Now”, you will be directed to the payment center.
  7. In the payment center, fill in your personal as well as credit card details and then press “Continue”.
  8. A conformation of your payment will be presented for you. You can print it out for the record.

If you have any questions or problems, call at 800-533-1640 or ask for help online. So, are you ready and enter to pay your healthcare bills right now.

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