Upgrade Your Phone at metropcs.com/newnetwork

Are you thinking about buying a now mobile phone to replace your outmoded phone or the slow network performance? Go to metropcs.com/newnetwork (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the target page) to upgrade your old phone for free.

MetroPCs Phone Update Instructions

You just need to take the following steps to verify if you’re eligible to update your old model for free.

  1. Make sure your old phone is one of the following models: LG Connect, LG Motion, Samsung Admire and Huawei Verge. Besides, You need to be a MetroPCs Customer
  2. Bring your current, qualified phone to a MetroPCs to participate the update campaign
  3. Receive an instant upgrade credit or discount that can be used for the same-day purchase of a new phone or accessories.

Note: Not all stores participate in this upgrade campaign, you need to call stores for details.

If you have another phone, you can see if your phone qualifies for an instant update discount in CDMA Phone Upgrade Credit List. Besides, you can also get another phone free when you upgrade. For detailed requirement, go to check metropcs.com/newnetwork. Should you have any questions, you can find the answers in Reference Link 1.

Reference Links

  1. MetroPCs Phone Update Page – metropcs.com/newnetwork
  2. CDMA Phone Upgrade Credit List
  3. MetroPCs Homepage – www.metropcs.com