Try to See If You Like Google That Much

Google, as a leading figure in search engine, seems to have a unshakable position in market dominance. However, Bing just throws down the gauntlet to Google! Bing It On, an online campaign launched last fall, gives a side-by-side search result comparison between Bing and Google to let users decide which search engine has preferable results. Now just click in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to see if you like Google that much.

Bing It On Instructions
Bing it on is a Bing marketing campaign to let users decide which engine they prefer between Google and Bing through a side-by-side comparison of search results. Through this poll, Microsoft claims that nearly 57% of users in the test preferred Bing’s results. Bing takes “Whenever we go, people prefer Bing for the web’s top searchs” as its promo slogan. And it launched a series of  commercial events to promote the saying that “people prefer Bing over Google”.

The challenge process is quite simple with the online tool offered. Within the search box you can type to search for 5 search queries and compare unbranded search results side-by-side, which is respectively Google and Bing. Through comparison, you choose the more preferable one as a winner or you just declare a “draw”. Final results of your vote will be showed to you after you finish the five search queries. After that, you can share the Bing It On Challenge with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even more.

When you take the challenge and give it a try, you do find something different from the search results of Bing, and sometimes you will find it more preferable than Google. For example, when you type in coffee in the search tool, two page of search results listed side by side. By comparison, you can easily find that they do differ from each other: Google offers News for coffee on the top, then the Wikipedia of coffee and after that the Yelp site for coffee shops; comparatively, Bing provides images of coffee first, which draws users attention directly, then gives the site of famous coffee brand Starbucks, coffee Wiki, Shop for coffee with pictures, etc. Through the comparison we can conclude that largely people prefer the search results of Bing mainly because the results given might meet their search needs more with friendly pictures. It is especially true with those people who prefer pictures than text and those who search items they want to buy, etc. But one thing to note is that the campaign is totally based on the results and it can not decide the overall search experience. Thus it still need time to prove whether Bing can challenge Google successfully.

In addition, there are another reasons offered for you to prefer Bing. Three great features are given:

  1. New Homepage Every Day. Compared with Google’s “simple” principle, Bing offers colorful, dynamic and beautiful images which change daily.
  2. Rollover Video Preview.    You can preview the videos on the search result page and save you a click to determine whether it is the one you really want.
  3. Instant Translation. It is the Bing Translator app on Windows Phone 8. Just aim the phone at the words or sign to be translated, translation appears right away!

Reference Links

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