Pay Your Dish Bills Online at

The time when you make a trip to pay your bills has gone. With the development of Internet, most companies allow customers to pay their bills online, so does the giant of television services – Dish Network. If you are a subscriber of it, you can make your payments online with your credit card, debit card or bank account. Meanwhile, you can access Autopay service, paperless bills and more.

Pay Your Dish Bills Online Instructions
For your convenience, Dish enables you to pay your bills online with your credit card, debit card or bank account. Besides, you can view your payments, edit your profile, access Autopay, receive paperless bills and more as long as you have a My Dish online account and log in to it.

Enter (Click the link in Reference Links at the bottom of this page to visit this site)

  1. Input your Online ID and password and then press the button marked “LOG IN” provided that you are an existing user.
  2. For convenience, you may tick the “Remember Me” box to save your Online ID.
  3. Once you forget your ID and password, you have the chance to retrieve them at the page.

Hit the “CREATE ONLINE ID” button to sign up if you are a new user.

  1. Fill in your phone number.
  2. Leave the 16-digit account number found on your sales confirmation email, monthly DISH bill received by mail or monthly DISH bill reminder email.
  3. Input the 10-digit receiver number found on the System Info screen on your DISH receiver by pressing the menu button twice on your remote control.
  4. Verify your account by selecting one option from giving your 4-digit Security Code, the last 4 digits of Social Security Number and sending email to address on file.
  5. Press the “Continue” button to proceed.
  6. Complete the registration according to the on-screen instructions.

Additionally, you can pay your bills by phone by calling 800-333-3474, by mail or in cash. If you want to pay in cash, you can access retail locations with Pay-in-Cash program. Visit Dish Search for Pay in Cash Locations site, input the street address, city, state as well as zip code and click the button marked “Search”, and you can find the nearest location to make payments. Please note that a certain amount of processing fee is needed.

Reference Links

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  2. Dish Network Official Site –
  3. Dish Search for Pay in Cash Locations